Have you ever noticed that having joy and being playful in business is seen as a judge-able offence rather than a possibility? In fact, having too much joy in general is most definitely judge-able! I used to run a stall at the weekend markets in Sydney, making a huge profit. Near Christmas I would make anywhere from $3000-$10,000 over a weekend. I was going to the beach during the week, I was making more money than my friends, and they would still ask me “when are you going to get a real job?” So it was a real joy to have business creator Heather Nichols as my guest on my Omtimes Radio show to talk about how she creates business, and her life, joyfully and with a sense of play instead of the seriousness that business often is in this reality: “You don’t have to get it right! In this reality there is such a thing about getting business right and if you don’t get it right you are not going to have money and you are going to fail. But you can’t play if you are trying to get it right. How many kids go to create some game out of the blue and are worried that they aren’t going to create the right game? That’s the brilliance of children! What if you never will get it right – what if ‘right wasn’t real, attainable or even desirable?” Many people think that if you are being playful with your business, and not ‘serious’, that you can’t make money or profit. Would you be willing to make money from inspiration, not perspiration? Would you be willing to have it that easy? And what if being willing to ask questions with your business every day would allow it to contribute to you way more, and increase profits in the process? So many people see business as a one way street – if you are the boss you have to do everything and the business can’t contribute to you. What can you receive from your business – what can it contribute to you and what can you contribute to it? Heather and I talked about our unique ways of playing with business, and dropped a lot of tools and tips along the way, so if you would like to listen to the whole show, the replay is available here. Remember, what if money follows joy, not the other way around! How could you start to play more with your business today? Listen on OM Times here- http://podcast.omtimes.com/e/your-business-as-your-playmate/

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