Sounds strange right?  YOU don’t need money?  How can that be?  You’ll have to listen to my Blog Talk Radio show to find out!

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Here’s one tool you can play with…

You create everything – the money showing up and not showing up – so would you be willing to have money show up easily?

How easily does money show up for you now?  Would you be willing to times that by 100?  By 1000?  By a million?  Or would that be too much ease for you?

If there is any resistance in your universe around this, you might like to listen to the show and run the clearings!  And here’s a question you can ask too:

What generative energy, space and consciousness can I and my body be that will allow us to have our own money?

(Hot Tip:  when you ask a question like this it makes no logical sense… and a question is the door to possibilities beyond anything you have yet imagined!)  This is the Joy of Business!  It never ever, ever shows up how you think it will!

By the way, you can listen to me on Blog Talk Radio, sharing Access Consciousness® tools and processes on the Joy of Business show.  Discover upcoming show topics, ask your questions or listen to all past episodes of the show here:

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