What if it were actually possible to design your job the way you desire it to be; rather than just put up with all the different elements that you think you have no say over?  What if you could attract the work colleagues you desire?  What if you could attract the projects you desire?  What if you could influence your work environment?  It is possible!

The first step is changing your mindset that suggests it is impossible.  Every single “but” that you have, are you willing to throw them out the door?  Are you willing to no longer have those excuses for not even trying?

Next, include these 3 simple, yet highly effective, work hacks – daily. You can start creating the work life you truly desire, TODAY!


It sounds simplistic, but it is essential.  Most people tend to complain about things not being the way they desire, rather than focusing on what they actually do desire.  This has the reverse effect that makes them more familiar with what they do not desire versus what they actually do desire.

Have you ever heard the saying, “What you focus upon, increases”?  It is true.  Every thought you have and everything you say, creates.  What are you creating?  In the forefront of your mind, have you created your most desirable workplace with the type of people, projects, everything.  Not from the details, as that is actually limiting you, but more generally as there may be something possible that you can’t even imagine yet.  Do it from a gut feeling of what you desire, and from a curiosity of “What else is possible?”  Then, when something shows up, you’ll find yourself realizing “Oh, that!  That’s what I truly desire in my life.”  Whether that be more fun, ease, luxury or something else.

When you are conscious about what you desire, all aspects of the universe collaborate to make it happen.  You are literally communicating with the universe through your desire; becoming the influence that makes it happen.  How quickly it happens depends on the walls you put up to receiving it.

Ask, often, “What do I truly desire?” and see what shows up. 


The more connections you have, the more influence you have in the workplace.  The more influence you have, the more likely things go your way.  You want to attract others to you.  When you attract positive energy from people all around the universe to you, it creates an energetic connection; they feel like they know you; you become familiar to them.

Consider this, are you more inclined to favour a friend in the workplace?    Or, perhaps working with friends just makes the workplace more enjoyable?

Celebrities are great at attracting people to them. It makes them more noticeable and more likeable.  They seem to just do it naturally, but you can do it too.  It is amazingly effective.

However, like any endurance event, it takes training, discipline, and focus to build the muscle memory necessary for success.  The more practice and training you dedicate to building your “fitness”, the more intense the connections and the more familiarity and influence you can have with others.

You can practice by standing in a busy public place, such as a coffee shop or train station, and just think about attracting people to you until they start to turn to look at you.  It is not difficult.  You just ask.  There is no ‘doing’ involved.

Another great use of this technique, other than attracting or pulling who or what you desire in the workplace, is to alter those energies of your environment that may not work for you and In a workplace situation, you want to ask for massive amounts of positive energy from the people with whom you want to work, build relationships, and make new connections, such as your clients, your boss, whomever it might be.  There is no limit to how many people you can attract at one time.

When you are in a business meeting or sales negotiation, for example, you may come across certain situations where people make your desired outcome difficult.  There are those who have barriers up, do not trust you, and are likely to just say “No” to everything as a result.  Then there are people who are ‘pushing’ their point of view onto you and everybody else involved, for example the ‘hard sell’ or the ‘pushy salesperson’.  You can use energy flows, both pulling and a reversed flow to fill people up, to positively affect these types of people to your advantage.

If somebody has their barriers up, pull massive energy from them in all directions to you.  The key is to pull energy through your whole body. This energetically opens them up and provides the space for them to relax, and let their barriers down.  It increases that sense of familiarity with you, so they trust you more, and opens up to the possibilities of whatever you are presenting; whether it be a product or a point of view that you are communicating in a meeting.

Likewise, when someone is being ‘pushy’ or aggressive, pull massive amounts of energy through them, to and through you, then push energy to them and watch them stop. 

It is almost as if they expect you to put up a barrier to their push; then they have something to push against.  When there is nothing there, there ‘oompf’ peters out pretty quickly.

If somebody is being ‘needy’, you do the reverse.  Flow massive amounts of energy to them until they stop then pull energy and create a flow between the two of you. It is like you are ‘filling them up.’


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Laleh Alemzadeh Hancock is a management consultant, Joy of Business facilitator and the CEO of Belapemo and Global Wellness For All. With nearly 30 years of experience in operational excellence, change management, and organizational wellness, Laleh has inspired and empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals, including Fortune 500 executives, to seek greater success, happiness, and wellness. Find out more about Laleh here! 

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