Have you ever used an affirmation to try to change something in your life that wasn’t working? I remember when I was first starting out as a business owner 20 years ago, and I would affirm every day, over and over, “I joyfully make $3,000 per month!” I had little pieces of paper all over my house proclaiming that would be my income, and I would look at it and speak aloud my affirmation every day.

“I joyfully make $3,000 per month!” And the subtext would be: “I have to! If I don’t, I’ll be screwed! I will die! I won’t make it! Universe—pullleeeeaasssseeee bring me $3,000 per month!”

The problem with my affirmation was: I didn’t believe it. I didn’t believe for a second I could create that. I didn’t believe that I knew how, I didn’t believe I “deserved” it, and I actually really didn’t want to admit that I desired money.

After all, I was a therapist. I was supposed to help people. I was supposed to be ALL about changing lives and empowering people and helping them to find their way. I was not supposed to desire money. Or have it. Or even need it.

So I would affirm and affirm, pray, meditate, beg, plead, hoping the money would just fall into my lap somehow. I would do my therapist thing, and the universe would take care of me and bring me the money.

Luckily, I have always been one to seek new tools, practices, and concepts to help me create more of what I have desired. A few years into my new business, with a sporadic and unpredictable income, I realized that I needed some different tools.


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