One of the elements of knowing you are successful is having a target.  Without a target, you don’t actually know what success is to you!  A target is very different to a goal.  It’s something you can shoot at over and over, always adding something to it as it evolves.  It’s not fixed, not set in stone.  Here’s a great example from The Joy of Business book: “When I asked a friend what target he wished to create in his business, he said, “I don’t have a target. I’d just like to open a vineyard.” I said, “If you ask a question, the awareness of your target will show up” and I began asking him questions. I asked, “What is the impact you’d like the vineyard to have on the world or on people? Who’s the wine for?” He replied, “Well, what I love about wine is the intimacy it often generates between people.” I said, “Great. There’s one of your targets.” Then I asked, “What other energy comes up for you in connection with creating the winery?” He said, “It’s an invitation for people to enjoy themselves and the wine, and to participate in the elegance and decadence of life. It’s about having more than you desire or more than this reality would allow. It’s hedonistic. And there’s also the energy of working and playing with the earth.” I said, “Great, you like elegance, decadence and intimacy in your life as well as in your business, and you know that you like to work and play with the earth.” He said, “Yes. I’d like to be a steward of the Earth.”          That was a good start on setting the targets to generate his business because, as I’ve said, targets are forever changing.” ~ Simone Milasas, The Joy of Business Book So what questions could you ask that would allow you to see your targets differently?  What are the energies you would like to bring into the world?  And what could that be like that you have never had awareness of before? Often we set our targets in reference to everyone else’s points of view.  What if you could set the targets that bring joy to you, your business and your living?  Would that create a different reality and a different ‘measurement’ of success? Oh yeah, targets are always changing!  Whatever you do, don’t turn them into decisions and conclusions that limit what you create!  (Just a gentle reminder!!)

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