A lot of people equate success with money.  I was talking about this on the Voice America – Access Consciousness show recently.  You can listen in to me talking about the Joy of Business with Dain Heer and Gary Douglas for free!

What if success and money aren’t connected?  Would you allow yourself to have more money?  Would you allow yourself to have more success?

“What is success to you? For most people, success is a monetary value. It’s about how much money is in the bank account or the numbers on a profit and loss statement. What if success in business is about something else? What if it isn’t just about making a profit? What if there was a greater target for your business and for you? And what if the money shows up when you are generating and creating the energy of what you know is possible with your business? Do you know what? It does!

For me, business is about changing the world. I am just one person from Australia who wishes to make a difference in the world. If I had decided this wasn’t possible, I wouldn’t be writing these words or facilitating the Joy of Business classes. If one person reads this book or walks out of a class and has changed even slightly because of something I’ve said, then I’m a success.
What about you? When you reflect on what success means to you, you may start to think about what your goals are. Before you do that, I invite you to consider the difference between a goal and a target. A target is forever moving. It is something you can continue to aim at even as things change. A goal, on the other hand, is something you set in place. A goal is more rigid or solid. It involves expectations, which pretty much always lead to disappointment and judgement. And it’s finite, whereas a target is infinite.

The energy of aiming at a target is different from going after a goal. It’s lighter. A goal is more like a gaol, which is a jail. If you don’t reach that goal, you’ll judge yourself. And if you do reach it, you could see it as a kind of final finish line. What do you do then? Either way, you lock yourself up.”

I’ve explored this lots over the years. My target is to change the world.  So anything I create that changes the world makes me successful – even if I only make $5!

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