A lady wrote to me saying that’s she been asking a lot of questions, and is very, very good at starting a business up, and then goes into procrastination.

So many things that occur are not procrastination.  Usually what occurs is you need more information.

What if you were like lightning speed and you were actually able to start a business, and come up with ideas faster than anybody else?  Have you ever acknowledged how amazing you are at business?  What if you were coming up with this faster than anybody else and maybe this reality wasn’t ready for it, or maybe the business wasn’t ready for the next step?

So even if it’s for one week, or one year, whatever that is, what if that business was just waiting for more information to show up before it actually moved forward?  And what if this isn’t wrong?  What if you stop calling it procrastination?

Every time I’m looking at something and I’m not moving forward with it, I go to the space of ‘ask another question’.  What other information do I need here?  Usually something else shows up that will give you more ease with it.

When you label procrastination like that it becomes a self-judgement. It’s a way of stopping yourself.   You’re going into judgement of you, that you’re not moving it forward or not actually doing anything, or creating or generating anything.

What if you have lots of projects that you’re working on .. and you shoot the breeze about them.   Use what I would call creative and generative questions where it’s like;  “What’s this going to look like?”.

Then you will start moving forward and then, it will be like a week, or however long it is, and you’ll ask more questions,  “Ah, so what’s going on here?”

And when the energy is clear and you are enjoying working on the project, you’ll know you have the information required to keep moving forward.  And if it stops again, ask more questions!  You don’t have to be aware of what the information is that you are waiting on.  You just need to ask for it to show up.

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