Have you ever decided that you were not good at creating because you don’t do things in a linear way? Many years ago, I had a business partner who did everything in a very linear and organised manner. He was always saying to me “Simone you have to finish something!” I decided that because I was so ‘chaotic’ in the way I created business, he was creating more than me in the business. Later, I chose to take over the business on my own, and before I did, I looked at what aspects of the business I hadn’. I realised I had my energy in so many different areas of the business, which was far greater than where my business partner had been working from. The ‘chaos’ I created from was actually more generative than doing the ‘to-do list’ way of working. I work with an amazing creator, Jonas Svensson, who is the world-wide Event Coordinator for Access Consciousness. Access is a global business with workshops and events occurring all over the world. We had an amazing conversation about what creation in business really is, and it doesn’t look the way you think! We talked about following the energy with business, what that means and how you do it. We also talked about the 3 people you need in a business to make it work. Listen to the replay of this chaotic and creative discussion with Jonas and myself here. OMTimes 2015 Creation in Business with Jonas Svensson What if you would follow the energy for creating in business? What if everything you have ever been told was wrong about the way you do business, is actually strong? What’s right about the way you function that’s different to everybody else?

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