Money loves money.  And money follows joy, not judgment!  So what if you stop judging you for your money situation? What if, for three days, every single thought, feeling or emotion you have about money, you ask ‘Who does this belong to?’  And then run the Access Consciousness Clearing Statement – you may be very surprised to find that virtually none of the points of view you have about money are actually yours! WOW! Could that one simple tool change your reality with money?  Only a little bit??   Or so much beyond anything you can imagine that you’ll have more money than God? In this episode of the Joy of Business on Blog Talk Radio we explore more tools for going beyond the judgments you have of money and having way more money by being the joy that you truly be!

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What if you ask ‘what would it take to be joyful today?’ rather than ‘how can I get more money?’  Can you sense the difference in the energy?  How much more fun can you have with money?

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