What if your greatest ‘limitation’ is actually your greatest possibility?  Glenna Rice is a single mum with three businesses, three kids, and multiple projects!  And she is always asking ‘what else can I add to my life?’  What if that is not as crazy as it sounds? What if you were willing to give up the ‘handicap’ of being a single mum (or whatever your ‘thing’ is)?  Would you be willing to imagine what could be possible if you were open to all possibilities? For example,  what would it take to make so much money that the money you receive from your partner or the government becomes irrelevant?  How different could your future be? Simone and Glenna explore the choices that you can be aware of if you’d like to change your reality and have a reality that continues to be greater everyday. New Business Internet Radio with Joy of Business on BlogTalkRadio What if you could move beyond the constraints of time, money and limitation.  When you ask these types of questions, your life will begin to show up in a very different way. What if ‘time management’ is a myth?  What if you could receive so much more from everyone around you?  Are you inviting or asking for assistance or are you stuck in the idea of ‘I have to do it all on my own.’ (Not that anyone in business would ever think that!!) Have you ever been willing to ask:  “What would it take for my schedule to work for me today so that everything can happen with ease?”  And what if you could receive contribution from anyone and everyone, including your kids and pets?  What if there is no limitation to the contribution you can receive.  When you are willing to let this contribution show up, it creates a totally different reality for your family and your business!

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