By Simone Milasas
“I’ve got this business, but I’m not really creating it because it’s not the right business for me and somewhere out there in the universe, there is the right business for me, and when that shows up, then I can actually start creating the business that I can truly create.”

I received this question on a telecall and here’s what I talked about…  Does that sound like fun for you?  Are you unwilling to give up what your business or projects are now and open up the possibilities – the future possibilities for what is truly possible?

That would be like being in a relationship, knowing that the relationship is not working for you, but not being willing to break up the relationship, until you find the new person to be in relationship with!  Tag team.  How many of you are doing tag team in business, rather than going, “No! this relationship, this business – is not working for me right now.”?

It’s like waiting around for the fantasy of right business for you, right relationship for you … its choosing in ten second increments in each day.  Every day is different.  “So truth, does this business work for me today?”  And what if you just allow you to acknowledge that, if it’s not working for you?

And don’t go to judgment of you. What if you never judged that you failed ever again, because you can’t fail!!  Imagine if you couldn’t fail?  What would you create?  What if fail was a judgment?  Does your day ever show up like you think it’s going to show up?

I wake up in the morning and the first thing  I do is look at my phone and check the day.  At the moment, I don’t even know what day it is.  What have I got on today?  Oh, a telecall.  Oh, this appointment, and this one.  So every day is totally different.   What if every day never showed up the way you think it’s going to show up?  It’s not failing.  It’s just being willing to follow the energy and choose in ten second increments.

So everything that doesn’t allow you to function from choice, instead of definition and judgment will you destroy and uncreate it?  Right and wrong, good and bad, POD & POC, all nine, shorts boys and beyonds®.

What if there is nothing to wait for except an awareness that now is the time and you are the person?  And what if however it shows up is exactly as it needs to be?  What are you aware of that you’ve never acknowledged before?

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