What is your definition of ‘Genius’?

My friend and highly creative colleagues, Katarina Wallentin, describes genius as “There is a way of creating a doorway to something different – that is a genius. They are often seen as strange and weird…but they can see something so different that it allows someone else to see what else is possible.”

I don’t know about you, but I find that description exciting. Even more exciting, is that we all have that ability. We all have that sense of possibility, and can open doors to something different.

One of the biggest keys to really unlocking your creative genius is to get out of judgment of you. How much do we look for validation of our ideas from others? How often do we give up if we don’t get the kind of validation for our creations that we were seeking?

Katarina says “One of the things that really kind of changed my world when I heard it was the difference between awareness and input. Input has judgment attached, awareness does not.” When someone tells you what they think about your idea, whether it’s good or bad, some points of view feel kind of “sticky.” That’s input. Somewhere in there is a judgment that stops the expansion of your idea. When there is no judgment it feels different. It kind of glides in and out of your world, it feels light. It’s there, but it isn’t significant.

When you are willing to function from asking for more awareness or information, rather than asking for validation of your creation or ideas of what you are going to do next, or that you have got it right, your creativity becomes a lot more generative.

Another key to allowing your creative genius to show up and grow is functioning from choice, and not necessity. Katarina gave a great example of how living from necessity can limit our creative genius: “We grow up being taught we need to have necessities. That is limiting us in finding what we are truly capable of, and our true genius. If we are making money the necessity, we can’t see any of our other capacities that may not look like they are making money!”

How do change this and unlock your genius? One of the question Katarina loves to ask is: What is so easy for me that I can’t even imagine that anyone would notice it, validate it, acknowledge it or pay for it? And what would change if I was willing to acknowledge that in totality and step into being it?

We discussed all this and more on an episode of my Omtimes radio show. Listen to the replay of the episode with Katerina Wallentin here.

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