When you ask questions about the choices you could make in your business, you’ll have a greater awareness of what you actually know… without going into the logic or linearity of how this reality does business.  Some people would call it using your intuition, and it is actually so much more than that! We are so good at listening to other people and giving away our power because they are the so-called experts.  What if they are not?  How many stories have you heard about where professional advisors provided incorrect advice?  What if you are always willing to ask a question, without justifying why you are asking? “In business it’s important to trust what you know. Who knows best? Your accountant? Your lawyer? Someone in your industry? Nope. You do! Imagine what your business would be like if you trusted you. Would there be more money or less money? Would there be more fun or less fun? I know a woman who is in a business with her husband and another man who sees himself as a business expert. Although she and her husband actually own the business, the other man has very strong opinions about the way things should be done. She once said to me, “It’s as if he is always looking for an explanation behind why I want to do things. I can’t be bothered to convince him about the way I want to do something, so I do things his way. But it’s making me miserable. I used to enjoy our business. Now I hate it.” I asked, “Do I understand this correctly. You and your husband own the business?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “So, you and your husband have the power and control. What if, instead of doing things this guy’s way, you simply admired what he has achieved in business, viewed his opinions as information that you’re grateful for, and then went with your own knowing?”     Simone Milasas, Joy of Business book When you view other people’s points of view in this way, you can make your own choices and state what you desire without explanation, justification or confrontation.  How much more ease and joy could that create? There is so much to discover about the Joy of Business… did you know there is also an audio version of the book?  You can get it on the Joy of Business shop.

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