When someone is in pain, the biggest mistake they make is that they start to look at ‘how do I solve this problem of … (back pain) and make it go away?’  

What if you looked at it from this place of the body being a conscious organism instead?  If the body is conscious, is it really going to be producing pain and creating problems if there wasn’t some information that it required you to have?  

What does this mean pragmatically?  

Ask your body questions and be willing to listen without the vested outcome of desiring a problem to magically disappear afterwards.  For example, without any point of view about what it’s telling you, you could ask

‘If this wasn’t a problem, if I didn’t have to fix it, what information is available for me here with this?’  

If you aren’t willing to get to the information, you won’t resolve whatever is going on for you.  It is possible to get rid of pain, etc., without this information, but if the unconsciousness that created it in the first place hasn’t been addressed, it will get recreated; either in exactly the same way or in another way; the body will go, ‘well you didn’t get it this way, so let’s try another way and see if you’ll listen’.  

Pain Can Instantly Dissolve Through Acknowledgment.  Recently, I had a session with Dr Fiona Miller about back pain.  Whilst questioning me about the information I wasn’t willing to receive, I realised my unwillingness to claim, own and acknowledge the potency that I am, as well as how not everyone else can be that; I always thought that others could be the same, and I hadn’t been willing to recognise that this wasn’t the case for years.  It’s not better or worse, or a judgment, it’s a capacity I have.  And now, every time I refuse to acknowledge that, I get back pain.  When I looked at this, it created so much ease in my body.

A lot of the pain and discomfort and stress that we have in our body is everywhere that we won’t allow it to actually be what we have created it for.  Your body is your creation.  So, there is something about creating the body in the way that you have this lifetime, eg a woman of a certain height and hair colour with a certain physical presence.  That wasn’t an accident.  There was some place where you made those choices and had some awareness of what energy that was going to create in the world.  

I have this friend who is stunningly beautiful.  By fully acknowledging that about herself and not walking around denying it, she is contributing her beauty to everyone else around her.  What have you created your body for?  And what energies are you contributing that you have totally dismissed or not acknowledging or are toning down to a degree that it basically hurts?  

Destroy Your Points Of View To Dissolve Pain.  There’s this place where people think what shows up in their body is driven by genetics or luck and because it’s a physical thing, they have to put up with what they’ve got.  The reality is, people can change so much that they become unrecognisable.  And that’s not a product of them exercising more or changing their diet.  They are willing to choose to be something very different, and in doing that, their body has changes to reflect what they are willing to be in the world.

It’s the same with pain.  Destroy and uncreate all your points of view about it, so the body has the space to create something different.  Always prefer to go to question and possibility, rather than everything you’ve already decided is keeping you stuck”

And ask, “What is possible with my body?  How can I create this differently?”

The willingness to be space with your body, with no judgment, and truly look at what is energetically possible is really where most of the change and the creation is going to come from.  Every question you ask and every fixed point of view you let go of, will get you closer to having total communion with your body, so that it doesn’t have to resort to pain to give you information.


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