Join Simone Milasas and media dynamo, Justine McKell, as they discuss if fear is even real!  What if it’s not, and what if you don’t even have to work hard for your money!! What if you don’t have to do long hours to achieve a result?  Where do we buy into the idea that we have to be hard on ourselves?   What if taking time to nurture you could actually create more money?  And what if being on the brink of possibility doesn’t mean a whole lot more work? Listen to internet radio with Joy of Business on Blog Talk Radio It is the insane stuff that locks us up.  If you could work out how to have more money, you’d have it by now!!  So what if having more money isn’t logical or linear?   What if you have bought a whole lot of points of view about having and creating money that have nothing to do with anything except the insanity of the world we live in? And there’s lots more in the show.  Justine asks some intriguing questions, and Simone offers awesome clearings that can change your relationship with money and hard work! Discover upcoming show topics, ask your questions or listen to all past episodes of the show here:  My show,  The Joy of Business airs on Blog Talk Radio approximately every two weeks.

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