What are you stopping yourself from having in business because you don’t want to do the ‘boring’ bits?  I did a private session  with a lady once and she was saying how the word business was like “eeee” and she didn’t like it.  Yet she loved writing and she loved writing books and she loved putting them together and I was like “great that’s your business” and she was like “yeah but I don’t like the accounting” and I was like “why do you think you have to do the accounting?” You don’t have to actually do everything.  The one thing I want you to be aware of with the Joy of Business is to be aware of everything but you don’t have to do everything. I have five people at the moment that have something to do with Joy of Business and it keeps moving forward.  So what do you have to add to your business to keep it moving forward without you having to do everything yourself? What additional information do you need?  Who or what can you add to your business?  So everything that that is and everything that doesn’t allow you to perceive know be and receive who or what you can add to your business will you destroy and uncreate it? Right wrong good and bad POC and POD all nine, shorts boys and beyonds.  (www.theclearingstatement.com)

All of life comes to us with ease and joy and glory®

Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys and Beyonds®.

What else is possible?

How does it get any better than this?

What contribution can you be?

What’s right about this I’m not getting?

Who does it belong to?

What future can you create with the choices you make today?

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