What if life was an adventure?


Most people are choosing having problems and difficulties as their lives. That’s what this reality tells us life is. There’s a never-ending litany of conclusion and expectation and judgment. How often do you attempt to create your day based on judgment? You can’t create anything that way.


The adventure of living is something different. It comes from living in the question of possibilities. What can you ask for, what can you receive, and what can you be to have and enjoy the adventure of life and living that’s available?


If you were functioning from question, where everything you thought were problems were actually possibilities, how different would your life be? How much fun could you have? Where could you start?


Do something different today! 


This is your life, are you actually living it? If you’re having some difficulty, it usually means you’re in conclusion and going to a judgement. Are you creating life from the problems you think you have to have? Is it time for something different?


Here’s some home play to start changing your conclusions: All the subjects and places that you think you have a problem–money, sex, families, relationships, your body, whatever it is–ask, “What would I like it to be like now? What would I like to show up? What adventure is possible with all this?” Questions are the antidote to conclusion. What else can you choose?


Listen to the words that come out of your mouth.


How do you talk to people? How about to yourself, your mindset? Paying attention to your words and the energy behind them will change your reality.


If you truly desire to have your life be greater, you have to be willing to fully acknowledge how you’re currently functioning. Once you’re aware of it, you can change it. When you notice you’re using words that are creating limitation, ask “What choice can I make right now that will allow the future to show up that I know I deserve?”


Most people don’t think they deserve a great future that they wish they had. Wishing is never going to allow something to show up, and deserving is a distraction. Do you deserve to breathe? No, you just do it. The air is there, you don’t have to wish for it, you just receive it. What if you could receive everything that’s available with the same ease?



Allow the universe to contribute to you.


What do you have going in your life with your business, projects, or ideas you have? Start asking what it would take to receive contribution from the universe to create exponentially more with all of it.


One great tool is to pull massive amounts of energy from people all over the world into your project or business. Even if you have no idea what that means, just ask, “What would it be like to pull massive amounts of energy into this?” Then, ask little trickles to go out into the world. You’re not pushing energy, you’re asking and allowing it to flow.


Imagine this like a retail person in a shop greeting you. We’ve all experienced pushy clerks who make us want to turn around and leave the shop immediately. That’s pushing energy. On the other hand, when someone is pleasant and says, “Please let me know if I can help you,” and perhaps engages with you a few minutes later, it’s actually a contribution.


When you engage with the universe, allowing it to contribute to you, you’ll find more people responding to you, and more can show up in your life.


Invite more beauty.


Beauty is a contribution. Beautiful things, people, food–all qualities of beauty–have an energy to them that when you invite more into your life, it allows you to create something greater. Beauty opens you up to a different world. Ask every day, “Universe, show me something beautiful.”


You can create life any way you choose. Are you ready for something different? What possibilities are available for the adventure of your life and living that you haven’t yet asked for?




Simone Milasas is a lady who knows how to be a woman, who sees the joy of possibility and future and knows that there is the prospect of possibility in every choice and every new way to see how business is a source for creation. Simone has worked in many different industries around the world. She has owned companies, created them, managed them, and changed them, all with an enthusiasm to invite people to a different possibility in the world. Find out more at simonemilasas.com 


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