What do you do when you are told most of your life that you are “too much” and “not realistic enough”?

Well, if you are anything like Susanna Mittermaier, psychologist, speaker and author of “Pragmatic Psychology: Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy” you write a book about how to be too much, totally un-realistic, and being happier than anyone else around you with total joy, exuberance and ease.

“One of the elements of being crazy happy is to be willing to be happier than this reality finds normal.  There is like a level of “be happy” that is normal and ok.  If you exceed that people go “ok you seem insane, or there must be something wrong with you, or come back and ground yourself, or you take drugs, or you are not quite bright in your head”. There is this level that is really easy to exceed.  And we all have this sense when we interact with someone…you have this sense of “this is how much they can take, this is how much liveliness and joy in my world that they can take”   and we all have this radar, we all know, “oh I am approaching the limit, let’s hold ourselves back”  just to fit in and to have the interaction as it always has been.”

We receive a lot of judgment, even as kids for being too much, too loud, taking too many risks. We are judged for the intensity of joy we are and the difference we are and end up judging that about ourselves instead of embracing it as a capacity we can use to our advantage.

Susanna always suggest we ask: “What is that I have going on for me right now that I can use to my advantage?” “What is this thing that I kept judging about myself that I thinks is so wrong that I can actually use for me rather than against me?”

Susanna’s book and her way of seeing the world has changed so many lives, and I recently had her come onto my radio show to talk about using the ‘brilliance’ of you (ie. the stuff you thought was judgeable and wrong about you) to actually create more in your life, and in business.

You can listen to the replay here.

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