If you want to change direction in your business life, do you really have to retrain yourself, go get another degree, or start at the bottom?

As our new CEO of Access Consciousness Publishing, Christine McCarthy was the perfect person to discuss this with. Christine has had more than a decade of entrepreneurial stewardship and corporate background in all facets of commercial and residential real estate. A native Californian, who was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Christine has applied her talents and abilities beyond the corporate boardroom which has led her down a totally different path to become an Access Certified Facilitator.

Even Christine admits that the direction she is taking now is very different from what she thought she would like to create in her life, but she was open to discovering the capacities she had that she didn’t yet know about: “This job and other things in my life is where I have capacities and talents I hadn’t acknowledged.” Her curiosity and questioning nature have always led her to more.

“I was always interested in surrounding myself with people who had more than me, and I sought those people out naturally. I used to walk into a girlfriends dad’s office, and they were living a life that was really big (big house, beautiful things, big business). I used to go in there and be like what are you doing? What are you working on? I was always asking how are they creating what they are creating – beauty and fun, and business and entrepreneurship… I sought that out.”

Asking questions and seeking out information, and letting it come to you easily is one piece of advice she invites people to who are looking to change industries: basically, you just start.

“I got out of college and I didn’t know anything about real estate. We limit us, we think we should know already, but you just learn, you ask people, you call people. I ask information to come to me. When I am travelling, I read things, and then something will pop in my head, or I will come across something or someone would talk about something and I think oh that would be cool and go wow maybe I could institute something like that.”

What if all the structures of how we need to be and what we need to do to change direction and create something different just weren’t true? What if you could ask questions, and receive the information, the awareness you need – even the kind of information that would allow you to run a totally different business you have never done before?

Listen to more great questions, tips and information from Christine on the episode replay, here.

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