Is money really the root of your problems? Or is it your point of view about money that creates the

issues you are having?

One of things that really stop us from having ease and with creating more money coming into our lives is the conflictual points of view we have about money. 

And, as my friend and Right Riches For You facilitator trainer, speaker, author and philanthropist, Curry Glassell, knows – we can have some weird ones locking us up and stopping us from creating money!

Born to a glamorous globetrotter, raised in oil patch opulence, educated in New York City, and polished up with a big dose of reality as a struggling single mom, Curry Glassell is a global and progressive leader in putting people, ideas and money together to create change.

And Curry knows what it is like to have conflicting points of view about money, and recognizes where having those points of view running your life can lead you down the road to poverty – regardless of whether you have a lot or a little money in the bank!

“My parents were so in their own world and never paid attention to us, I decided that money was the problem…I decided that money was the root of all my problems; if I just didn’t have so much money I would be happier, I would be loved more, or I would have blah blah blah. That really didn’t work for me at all, because I began to create poverty in my life! It was a major conflict for me because I loved having money, I grew up having money, and I never thought that I wouldn’t have money, so the thought of not having money was not even in my universe, but I had this point of view that money was bad, terrible, evil and awful, and the cause of all my problems.”

Is money really the root of your problems? Or is your point of view the problem? And how many points of view do we have about money that we accumulate? “You tend to find that it’s not just 1 or 2” says Curry, “and they’re all different!”

How many points of view do you have about money that you got from your parents before the age of 2? How many points of view from your culture, from what you see in the media, and from the world around you do you buy into, while never asking a question about what your reality with money would be, if you were choosing it totally for you?

Curry Glassell runs a fabulous class called Fundamentals of Wealth, which covers going beyond your parents and other people’s limiting points of view of money, educating yourself about money, and giving up the conflictual points of view you have about money so that you can begin to receive a whole lot more it showing up with ease, joy and glory!

I have also had the pleasure of interviewing Curry on my radio show about her life and the tools she uses in her classes- so for more tips, questions and wealth-changing points of view, listen to the replay here.

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