I may have said this before, but I am really lucky to work with the people I do.  In my business, I am always asking questions, and asking what else is possible?  I am constantly seeking who else, what else can contribute to my business, to the people I work with and to the planet?

One of the arenas my business has had a lot of fun being exposed to, and playing in, is the world of Public Relations!  When I met Justine McKell, the force behind PR Agency McKell Media, I knew I had to have this lady work with me and Joy of Business. I was also lucky to have her on my radio show recently, discussing “PR with a Difference”.

Justine and has worked on both sides of the fence  – as a radio DJ and a TV producer, and knows the hyper-busy world journalists and producers.

She knows that never giving up can really create magic in the world of PR.

Do you have a message that you would like to share with the world?  Would you be willing to be tenacious in getting your voice out in the public arena?

A lot of the time, we get discouraged by hearing ‘no’, we can take it personally when we don’t get interest in our business and what we do the first time around (or the first few times around).

What if never taking no for an answer was the secret ingredient to expanding your business?

Justine shared some very informative and practical tools of how to be “PR ready”, and gives a whole bunch of insights that you might appreciate if you are interested in really getting your business, your message and you out into the public arena.

Listen to the replay of my show with Justine HERE.

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