JOB Pioneers

A pioneer is someone who develops, or is one of the first to apply, something new.  Our JOy of Business (JOB) Pioneers are facilitators pioneering the way for a different possibility; a different future.  From moms in business, to empty nesters, to career changers and more, meet the five pioneers doing things differently

Thinking about a career change?

Meet Brendon Watt who went from tradie to CFO to global speaker.

Meet super mom of twins, Lauren-Marie who shows that you can have kids and work too!  And be the breadwinner!

Retirement, what a dirty word!

Laurence Favier shows you it is never too late to create, no matter how old you are.

Feeling overwhelmed? Is the stress of your business leaving your body in aches & pains?  Heather Nichols shows you how to take care of your body while creating your business.

Throw out the rule book of business & create your business your way!  Meet Doris Schachenhofer who is doing things differently.

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