A little rebellion in business goes a long way

Doris Schachenhofer is a business mentor, entrepreneur and certified Joy of Business facilitator. She has a background in social work and has helped the most vulnerable members of society find their place in the world – mentoring and supporting children, homeless individuals, delinquent teenagers and newly-released prisoners. Since discovering Access Consciousness in 2014, Doris has travelled the world supporting people to be more of themselves, in every facet of life. She is a certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness special programs, and offers a range of live and online classes and workshops, such Joy of Business, Being You, Right Voice for You, Conscious Parents and Conscious Kids. A mother of two, Doris embodies the presence and clarity – combined with kindness, caring and allowance – that enables her students and clients to create ease and confidence, and change anything they desire for themselves.

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