Are you stuck in overwhelm and having too much to do?  Would you like to get a million things done with ease?  Here’s a really cool tool from my Joy of Business book that I use all of the time!  It starts with following the energy!

“I recently talked with a woman who has many diverse interests and businesses, and she wondered how she could manage everything she had going on. People often have trouble coordinating all the different parts of their business or their life and they worry they can’t keep up with everything. Does this describe you? Contrary to what you may think, getting super-organised is not the answer. This is where you have to follow the energy and function from the infinite space of you.

Try this exercise:
Shut your eyes for a moment, expand outward and feel the outside edges of you. Expand to the outer edges of your body—then keep going. Keep expanding outward. Can you feel the outside edges of you yet? Or do you keep on going? When you expand in this way, you can have awareness across the entire planet. When you contract, you tend to only have awareness of two, three or four people. If you find that you do not have an awareness of the entire planet, practise expanding out your awareness. It’s like a muscle that can be developed. Keep practising it.

As you practise expanding out into the universe, you will find you can more easily function from the infinite space of you. This allows you to have a much greater awareness of the world. You can perceive the energy of what is occurring wherever you put your attention, and when you feel a tug in a certain direction, you focus on that and you know what needs to be done.

When you have 30 different projects going on at once, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work on each one of those projects every day. What it means is that they are all in your awareness. You don’t shut them out of your awareness. It’s about the willingness to be aware, to know when to work on something or when you need to invite someone in to assist you. It goes back to the suggestion of asking questions and allowing the universe to assist you. (Remember, you’ve employed the universe for all eternity.)”

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If you’d like to discover some more really useful tools, there’s lots more in the Joy of Business book!

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