You can change any point of view that you have about money – and it is your point of view that creates your reality. Your reality does not create your point of view.  If you change your point of view about money you can create something very different.  You allow the Universe to gift to you!

So many people contract around money “I can’t do this” and “I just don’t have the money”.  Did you know that can be a way of avoiding creating your life?

Look at the energy of you being a half-a million dollars in debt, and have a look at the energy of you.  Do you have more creation or less creation in your Universe?  Do you see yourself walking along deprived and distressed?  Or are you actually a little too comfortable with the debt?
Now look at the energy of having a 100K, or a half-a million dollars in your bank account.  Are you happy, enthusiastic and expansive?  Which one feels more like you?  Which one feels more like what you have decided is you?

Both of these are possibilities… our points of view create our reality!  So everywhere you have decisions, judgments, conclusions and computations about what it means if you have money or don’t have money,  and everywhere you buy into the value of money rather than just creating it and having it as an interesting point of view, will you destroy and uncreate it?  Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, POC and POD, All 9, Shorts, Boys and Beyonds.
If you run this clearing lots, you may be surprised how much your money flows start to change!  Are your points of view about money starting to feel lighter already?

Would you like to know more about moving from Debt to Money Play?  The teleseries has 6 x 75 minute calls, heaps more ideas and a whole lot of clearings for you to play with!

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