What does it mean to truly be you and to live your reality your way? It’s where every choice is based on what you know and what actually works for you no matter what anyone else is choosing.


How many people have decided that someone else’s reality is greater than theirs? Every time you buy a judgment as real or choose against you, that’s what you’re doing. Whether it’s your family or your employer or your culture–whatever–no one and nothing is greater than you.


When I was growing up, I always knew my dad had my back no matter what I chose. With my mother on the other hand, every choice I made was wrong. Rather than being acknowledged for the choice that works for me, I was accused of fighting her. I had to learn to choose for me regardless of her reality or what anyone else thinks or does.


So often we try and match someone else’s reality, aligning and agreeing with their judgments and limitations. Or, we attempt to create our own reality while trying to get someone else to match ours. Not one person in the world matches your reality. When you’re looking for matches, you’ve avoiding living as the value of you.


What if you started creating what you know is possible? What does it take to create a reality that truly works for you?


Start with coming out of judgment of you 


How much time and energy do you spend going into the wrongness of you? Growing up with a parent like I did who was always making me wrong sets us up for making getting it right more valuable than being who we are. Sorry, but you’re never going to get it right. Right and wrong are just points of view. You have to let go of everything you’ve bought about wrongness. That’s someone else’s reality.


People want to be accepted by others as if somehow other people’s reality is more valuable than their own. We make their reality greater than us. What will it take for you to start really living as the greatness of you rather than the version where you’re constantly proving, avoiding, resisting, and concluding?


Judgment closes the door to the future. If you were to come out of judgment of you, what could you acknowledge about you, your value, and the future you can create that’s far greater than you ever imagined? Start by acknowledging that everything is just an interesting point of view. That will open up space for so much more.


Commit to ending the fight


How much are you fighting what you don’t want rather than creating from a place of what you know is possible? Fighting is everywhere you’re stopping yourself from having and creating your life and future. Are you more committed to the fight or the possibilities?


When you’re ending the fight with everything you decided has to be, possibilities start to show up and awareness starts to increase. It’s where you have the freedom to actually discover what living your reality can truly be.


What is possible for you that you don’t think is possible that if you would end the fight would allow the actualization of a totally different reality?


Acknowledge you a whole lot more


What gift are you that you refuse to be because it does not fit other people’s realities? When you start acknowledging you, your awareness, your capacities, and the gift that you actually are, you get access to possibilities for creating your reality that are far greater.


Acknowledgment is what opens the door to receiving more. When you’re limiting yourself to other people’s reality, you’re cutting off what you can receive. What invitation can you be for more to show up in your world by acknowledging you?


What is your reality? That’s kind of a big question. With every element of your life–money, business, sex, relationships, your body, and everything else–start asking what your reality is with it. That’s not what you want it to be or fear it might be, what it is. If you were truly being you and no longer trying to match anyone else’s reality, what could you choose and what could you create that’s different?


Knowing that everything is just an interesting point of view, while ending the fight and acknowledging you more, will create the space where you get to discover what living your reality can truly be. Regardless of how you grew up, or any trauma or drama you’ve ever experienced, you get to choose what works for you.


If you could create anything, what would it be? What can you choose today to begin living the reality you truly know is possible?


Simone Milasas is a lady who knows how to be a woman, who sees the joy of possibility and future and knows that there is the prospect of possibility in every choice and every new way to see how business is a source for creation. Simone has worked in many different industries around the world. She has owned companies, created them, managed them, and changed them, all with an enthusiasm to invite people to a different possibility in the world.

“I grew up with the question of ‘Imagine what you would do if you knew you could not fail?’ – to me you cannot fail, failure is just the start of something new” says Simone.

Simone has always believed that anything is possible and desired to inspire people to choose everything they could.  Find out more at simonemilasas.com

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