You may have heard me say this a few times before – it’s even the front of my book, but what if Business were the adventure of living? Having business as the adventure of living means not creating separation between yoru business and toehr parts of yor life. What if every part of your life, even your love life could contribute to your business?

Some of the best ideas I have for business is when I am taking the dog for a walk along the beach (a dog, by the way, that came into my life when my partner, Brendon and his son Nash, and Max – the dog, moved in with me!).

And what if the joy of having a date with your partner, or the kindness and caring and nurturing of sex were energies that contributed to your business too? Why would you not let everything in your life contribute to your business and everything in your business contribute to your life?

Danna Lewis is one of the people I am lucky to work with, and she has over 20 years of experience in the corporate sector, is a lifestyle consultant facilitating people to have a deeper, juicier life and business, is a social media guru and a creator of magnitude!

She has man in her life who contributes to her and her business! Before they met, Danna had realised she had been excluding certain energies in her life, that her body was making the demand for more play and nurturing, and she needed to honour that if she was going to have more ease and success in her business.

“I realised that if business is the adventure of living, and I was excluding these things, I was like, what needs to change here…What space can we actually create from when our bodies are nurtured and cared for and adored and appreciated?”

And as she has created her relationship with questions, she realised that she could use those same questions to nurture and expand her business: “What loving actions can I take today, what admiration and appreciation and acknowledgment can I be with my business, and with money?”

Danna I talked about this and a lot more juicy elements that you can add to have the adventure, the nurturing, the honouring and the gratitude that is available for your life and business! You can listen to the replay here.

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