One of the joys of my business is traveling all over the world with the Access Consciousness® team.  Recently I did a Joy of Business class in Mumbai.  Here’s the (short) story of how I met Access founder Gary Douglas and how I came to create a totally different life to the one I was living!

Joy of Business – Recieving

What changed everything for me was learning to receive.  It wasn’t about my purpose, or what was ‘right’ in my world!

What if you could increase your level of receiving every single day?  I’ve been increasing my capacity to receive every day for the last 13 years and I know there are still many more possibilities available.

Here’s a tool you can play with to expand your capacity to receive:
What if you could receive the energy of your business and the ideas that you have? Get the energy of what this is in the future and how much it could create for you.  Then destroy and uncreate anywhere you have come to conclusion about what that actually is and what you are unwilling to receive.

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