Simone Milasas launched the Joy of Business book in Portland, Oregon, August 2012.  At the launch, she asked “Would you be willing to look at what success is for you?”

“One of the stories I tell in the book is this lady who rang me and she said “I just want to thank you, I have been married for 10 or 12 years” and she had six kids and everyday her husband beat up on her.  And she got to the stage where she just thought that that’s what occurred.  Like that was her life and everyday you know she’d cry and he’d beat up on her and she had these six kids and didn’t think that she had a way out.

And she said “I bought your magnet and I have had it on my fridge for six months” and what the magnet said was “Imagine what you would do if you knew you couldn’t fail”.  And she said “I just wanted to ring you and say thank you.  I left my husband this week and I’ve got my kids and we’re in a house and we’re really happy” and she said “your magnet changed my whole entire life”.  And I was like, that’s a five-dollar magnet.  If I calibrated my success based on a sale of $5 then I would have thought that I was a failure and that would have destroyed the possibilities of what could show up for anyone else. 

For Good Vibes For You, I created the business because I looked around the world going “this is insane”.  And I’d see people rushing by and it’s like wow, look at this planet, it’s amazing.  So I wanted to create something where I would get people to look at a different reality, who would think a different way.  I even remember going to this festival one day and it’s a really packed festival and I am walking down this aisle and I have one of our t-shirts on that says “be open to the moments of life, do not be afraid” and this guy walks down and I see him look at my t-shirt and he looks up and he looks at me for this like nanosecond that we look at each other and I can see his barriers just go “whoosh” and for that moment I knew that I had changed something in his world and I was like “yes, I’m a success”.  That’s what I was after.

And then I met Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness™ and I was like “oh my god, everything you are talking about is what I wish to create with Good Vibes For You I just didn’t know how the hell I could do it except for like shaking people”. 

Then I was like, “I want to work with you Gary”.  If you have a look at what your target is with your business… what is it that you would truly like to create?  And then see what shows up!”

Simone Milasas ~ Author, Joy of Business

(You can buy the book or the audio here if you’d like to know how to create joy in business! )  

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