Become a Joy of Business Facilitator

Imagine being a Joy of Business Certified Facilitator…

Yes! It’s truly possible. Imagine a world where everyone generated and created their business from the joy and gratitude of it. From joy and gratitude you have no limitations, you have no judgements and you have infinite choice. Money follows joy and gratitude. 
What if we created a world from Joy & Gratitude with business?

Joy of Business is having the enthusiasm that create business as an adventure where anything can happen!

What we have noticed now that we have Joy of Business Facilitators, is how much any of their businesses also get incredibly greater! Three of them are best-selling authors, they are all creating greater lives, upgrading flights and choosing more than ever before.

It’s thrilling to see! Have you considered becoming a Joy of Business Facilitator?

Traveling the world, Facilitating classes with the Joy of Business material and inspiring change and contribution into anyone with blood in their veins willing to create Business as their life and their Life as their Business?

So how about it? What could YOU create with your totally different and totally brilliant capacities, knowing and contributions?

My target is to have 1000’s of JOB Facilitators around the world so that we can become an authority in the world on how to be and do business with a difference. The planet requires something different. You are something different. What if business could be created from what you know, not what you have been told? Oh and you have to get rich and wealthy! So people start to take notice of you!

Simone Milasas

Founder, Joy of Business

So what does it take to become a Joy of Business Certified Facilitator?

  1. 2 x Business Done Different Masterclasses (one live strongly recommended!)
  2. Complete Part 1 of Gary Douglas’s Business Time Telecall
  3. Be an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
  4. Take the 3-day JCF Facilitator Training
  5. Send in your Application form with the €210 Administration fee
What do we contribute? What can you facilitate?


What will Joy of Business® contribute to you?  

Joy of Business Branding and Graphics

A hub of Joy of Business JCFs on our communication software – Slack

Promotions & Campaigns throughout the year

A manual of framework for Joy of Business taster classes.

Manuals, graphics and other promotion resources

As a Joy of Business Facilitator you can do classes, telecalls, corporate events, private sessions and more.

Joy of Business Taster Classes & Telecalls

Joy of Business Specialty Classes & Telecalls

Access Business & Money 1-Day Class

Getting Out of Debt Joyfully 2.5 Day Class*

Business Done Different 3Day Masterclass*

* For platinum JCFs only.

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