One of my favourite things that I hear Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness, say is “If you are thinking you are stinking!”

How much thinking do you use to actually slow down and limit you and your business? How many thoughts do you use to doubt, stop yourself and ignore what you know? If you didn’t have to sit and think about how to get it right or avoid getting it wrong, how much more and how much faster could you create?

If you have read my book or some of my previous blogs, you may notice I talk quite a bit about “following your knowing”. Your knowing is lighting fast. And it’s one of the things we are most quick to discount, especially in business. However, if you are willing to follow your knowing, different possibilities can show up for you!

So how do you follow what you know, have a sense of peace in your mind and not sabotage yourself with the eternal conflicts going on in your head? One of the most creative people I work with (and used to live next door to) is Diva Diaz, and she came onto my radio show recently to talk about how to stop stinking up your business with thinking!

Diva graduated university with a degree in French Literature and then almost instantly gained a job in the totally unrelated field of Economic Media, and later in Economic Intelligence, where she travelled all over the world working with Heads of State, Ministers in Government and Blue Chip CEO’s.

Her point of view is “When you try to think things through, it’s never as great as what can actually show up.” 

Previously criticized for her desire to constantly change things in her work, Diva recognised this was actually a capacity to follow her knowing: “If the person in a meeting with me wasn’t happy, I wouldn’t continue forcing things in one direction, I would change the energy, I would do something different.”

When you are willing to follow your knowing, you can follow the energy of something that may be more appropriate in the moment, rather than getting stuck or forcing yourself to do something that you thought-out or planned, but does not actually work.

Listen here to the replay of my show with Diva to get some pragmatic tools for giving up thoughts, following your knowing and creating greater success, fun and possibilities in business!

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