I get asked about money (or actually the lack of money) in business a lot.  And I recently did a telecall where we looked at ‘Is money a necessity?’ .  In this short blog post series, you’ll discover ways you can move from having money as a necessity to being able to create your business using lots of different energies, of which money is only one! “When you look at money as a necessity, it’s like if you look at anything as a necessity in life. What happens is with that energy of necessity you start to create conclusions about how it has to look, or you create judgments and you come to the conclusions and results rather than the actually making money a choice. If it’s just a choice what would you choose?” (excerpt from the ‘Is Money a Necessity?’ call) So what if money is just a choice?  What would you choose?  If you come to a conclusion that you need money for something to show up in your business, does that create the possibility that it could show up in any other way?  Mostly not!  It is our conclusions and our judgments that stop our businesses showing up in the ways we desire, not a lack of money. What would it look like to play with money? And what would it look like if money was just a choice? Money loves money.  So here’s a question you could be asking every day: “How many revenue streams can I invite into my life and my business today?”  Would you be willing to look at every source of revenue you have right now?  Is there more on that list than you were aware of?  What would it take to expand those revenue streams dynamically?  What else could you add? What choices did you become aware of that you have been ignoring because they didn’t fit your judgments and conclusions about what your business looks like or how it operates?  Would you be willing to give all of that up now?  And now what else is possible? So we have started to look at how you can have money as a choice rather than a necessity.  In the next post in this series on ‘Is Money a Necessity?’ we’ll be looking at your comfort zones.  How comfortable are you with the money flows you have?  What if you are a whole lot more comfortable than you realize? To purchase the download of this teleclass click here.

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