Sometimes, it can be a real challenge to radically change your career. However, in your current position; if you are overwhelmed, your boss is constantly asking for more or your days are stretching and the items on your to-do list aren’t decreasing, it’s important to ask yourself, is this enjoyable for you or do you feel weighed down by pressure and the need to satisfy your manager?

If it’s the latter, it may be time for you to ask yourself some questions about what you are doing today, what you want to do tomorrow and whether you should really be considering a change.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, here’s are a few questions to get you thinking about your current career and if a new one is for you.

Do you have fun in what you do today?

You can be overwhelmed and love that. Tackling multiple projects at the same time may bring you that sense of responsibility and satisfaction at completing many tasks. If so, go for it! Acknowledge this way of working suits you and you don’t want actually want to change it. You might consider getting help with some tasks and seeking support from your boss during peaks of activity and looming deadlines. An intern, assistant or even a contractor could help you for some time, and your boss could count on you even more! And, if you are the boss, don’t neglect this opportunity hire someone, even temporarily, to help you. What if doing so could increase your productivity, creativity or even open you up to some new business?

However if, on the contrary, you are feeling drained of energy and you no longer find joy in your job, it’s probably time to consider something else. You may discover that leaving your job and trying something completely new is what you need, or you may find more satisfaction and joy in changing your position at your current job. Talk with your manager and human resources department to see what position may be a better fit for you. Do you think you’ll be comfortable and less overwhelmed in a different department? Do you believe you’re deserving of a promotion? Do you need flexible hours? Or, is it doing something outside of work that you find nurturing, inspiring and re-energising?

What do you love to do?

Is there an activity you do that you enjoy so much that you don’t even see the time pass by, and you even forget to eat and drink? This activity is also something you do easily without the impression of working. Your team may even admire you for that (or they even feel jealous!) because they can’t do it as well and as quickly as you. There may be many things you do wonderfully well without recognising them until now.

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Laurence FavierLaurence Favier is a Joy of Business facilitator and highly experienced corporate executive. After more than 30 years in senior IT roles, particularly in project management and operations, Laurence made a conscious decision to adopt a more fulfilling and nurturing approach to work and impending retirement. Find out more about Laurence Favier here.

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