What if you just chose joy each day?  What if every day was joyful?  Money follows joy, joy does not follow money.  We look at following our passion rather than what is fun and joyful.  Passion might not always be what you might be looking for to create your life.  The word passion means being tact to the cross, like Jesus.  What if you can choose and change all the time and not have to be tact to your choices.

When you look at what is easy and joyful for you, you might look at ways of creating money differently and joyfully!

What brings you joy that can make you money, that you think can’t? Life is to be enjoyed, are you having fun? Let me share with you a tool to have more money and more fun. Watch Here!


This is your life, are you actually having fun creating it?  Let me know!   Leave a comment and share with me what is so fun for you that you had never considered it would make you money!  

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