One of the things that is going to make inviting money into your life way, way easier, is to recognise that generating and creating money is not a linear thing. We are taught to view money in such a limited way – “If I do this, then I will get paid this much” – and it’s just so much less than what is truly possible with money. If you truly desire to invite more money to show up in your life you have to be willing to receive it in random and bizarre ways. You have to be willing to receive possibilities beyond your wildest imagination, and you have to be willing to be and do whatever it takes to create – even if you have no idea what that looks like, even if that means you have to so different from everyone around you by being YOU. If you were creating your reality with money, what would you choose? At once stage I decided the only way I was going to be able to buy a house was if my grandmother died, because I thought I will get some money from that. That’s the only way I could see that possibility occurring at that point in time. Eventually I realised how limiting that point of view was and I was able to move on from being stuck with that. I looked at other possibilities that allowed me to eventually buy my own house. Lucky I did, because when my grandmother did die, I didn’t actually inherit anything! If you think you can only get money through divorce, a partner, a wage, retirement, inheritance, than that is the only place you are going to be able to (or allow yourself to) receive money. If you wait for anything or anyone, they or it will have the power over you! What if there were a godzillion ways to receive lump sums of money, lots of money, or make lots of cash that you have never considered? Are you playing equal with money, or making it greater than you? When you make money more significant than you in any way, you will never be able to lead it. If you were in a 50/50 partnership with money, where you were not lesser, or greater than money, and it were not lesser or greater than you, you can begin to lead each other in a way where you allow money to contribute to your life, and you contribute to the money also. If you were playing 50/50 with money, you wouldn’t have a need to hold on to money, or be afraid to lose it, you would actually be willing to lose every single cent you have in order to have more. And you would have to be willing to play with money, and give up using it as your favourite way to make you wrong! Have you decided you have to spend it, pay bills with it? Hide it away? In the cycle of having money, and not having money, do you pat yourself on the back and go “Wow, I rock, this is awesome, I can create money coming in and out of my life in a heartbeat!” or do you create conflict and judgment in your world so you can make you less than money yet again? To choose a 50/50 partnership with money, you have to be the one that makes the demand – “I am not going to do this anymore, I am not going to make me less than money. I am not making money more important than me. I am going to choose something different and money is going to play with me!” And literally HAVE FUN with it! What infinite forms of currency and cash exist that you have never imagined that would make creating the life and wealth you would truly like to have way more fun for you? BE you, and do what you enjoy! What do you enjoy? What do you like to do? If you do that you will receive more! Have you noticed when someone is not being them, it’s so hard to give them anything? For example, with kids, when they are being themselves, they are awesome and you just would like to give them the world, right? And when they are not, there are all these barriers they have going on and you have no desire to give them anything. How many barriers are you putting up to receiving? If you look at yourself and see anywhere in your life where you are being unkind, or lack generosity of spirit – you have just cut off receiving from everywhere. You shut down receiving from the whole entire universe. Anywhere you function from the give and take program, rather than generosity of spirit, you cannot truly receive. With generosity of spirit, you get gifted from the universe infinitely. When you are willing to create because it is joyful for you, money loves to come play with you – money follows joy! Now, there is no way you can make that linear! But you can make it a reality.

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