When you think of investing, what immediately comes to mind? Stocks and bonds? Real estate?  Creating security?  Fun? Boring?  Risky?

One of the things that made coming out of debt and having money in my life easier and more joyful for me was using some great tools, and questions to create and invest with money in a different, non-linear way.  

I used to love wearing bright costume jewellery.  It looked good, it was colourful, but as soon as I bought it, it lost value.  When I started buying items of intrinsic value, like Mabe pearls (which are now extremely valuable as they are not being produced naturally anymore), or antique pieces made with gold and silver, not only did I realise that I had something that wouldn’t lose value, and would most likely grow in value, the energy that it actually contributed to my life and my body, having these beautiful items to wear, was a sense of beauty and nurturing with money I hadn’t considered before.

My friend and colleague, Chris Hughes, knows a lot about investing in a way that is really fun, decadent, elegant and different.

Chris is currently the managing director and curator of The Antique Guild, which is based at the Stamford Hotel in Brisbane, Australia.  He has created a unique vision with the Guild – to invite people to a lifestyle of decadence, elegance and luxury – and you don’t have to have a lot of money to start!

Not many people may think of ‘luxury, elegance or decadence’ when it comes to investing.  But we like to be different and ask – what if investing could be fun, could add decadence, luxury and elegance to your life, and contribute to your body feeling great too?

Chris and I recently chatted on my radio show about investing with a difference and covered topics like – buying things of intrinsic value, educating yourself about valuable things (hint:  find what interests you!), nurturing and contributing to your lifestyle and your body with the money you invest… and more!

Listen to the archive of the show HERE.

Find out more about Chris and his classes atwww.TheEleganceofLiving.com

Find out more about The Antique Guild at www.TheAntiqueGuild.com.au

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