Is it at all real to you that manipulation is a form of creation?  How much have you not been creating because you’re not willing to manipulate?  How much have you not been inviting?  How much money have you not been making?  

The manipulation is, you being the amazing, phenomenal invitation that you can be.  You, being you,is actually a manipulation to invite people to a different possibility!

Part of the problem with this is that none of you actually wish to be an invitation, because you have decided that it is a manipulation of someone not choosing for themselves.  Whereas, in fact, people are actually seeking the tools, knowledge, processes, systems that you and your business offer.  

You need to be willing to have manipulation as something that is fun for you, and something that is easy.  Because, if you have any fixed point of view about this, any stuck point of view, any point of view from somebody else’s point of view, or any point of view at all, you will stick yourself with not being able to create.  

How many of you have misidentified and misapplied what manipulation of energy is?  Manipulation is not something that is done to be mean to someone.  It is not something that is done to be evil.  It is not something that is done to be converse or to cheat someone.  Manipulation is something that is done for creation and actually can be an inspiration to people.  

How many times a day do you manipulate and you’re not willing to acknowledge it?  An example of manipulation with ease from my own life comes from the Joy Of Business Book Club tele-series I did recently on this very topic; Manipulation With Ease.  I wish to make my life easier, so instead of stressing out about listener questions via skype during the call, I stated on air, ‘oh I’m not that greatat looking at all my skypes during the telecall, so can you please speak up with your questions instead’; that’s a manipulation!  Have you misidentified and misapplied manipulation as being this evil bad thing that you have decided you will never do because you’ve decided you will always tell the truth?  What if you could have fun with the manipulation?

Are you willing to manipulate?  If you’re not, you’ll end up getting manipulated.  And not in a niceway!  If you’re not willing to admit that you are a manipulator of magnitude, and that you can manipulate, you’re going to try and hide it and make it like this secret, hidden, covert, unseen,unsaid and unacknowledged thing.  That’s when people will pick up on this energy and go ‘ew, what is this?’  It’s like a truth with a lie attached; something that doesn’t feel expansive.  

Control is closely aligned with manipulation.  I am a control freak of magnitude, but I don’t do it from that point of view of ‘if I’m controlling then no one else can control me’.  You have to be willing to control, with no point of view.  You have to be willing to control with a manipulation.  You have to be willing to control with all your barriers down.  You have to be willing to control and have something change instantaneously.  It’s like controlling from a place of consciousness rather than anti consciousness which is a refusal to receive contribution.  This is where you have to make the demand, no matter what it takes, no matter what it looks like, to give up the controlling that limits you and to give up the refusal to manipulate.

So, how do you manipulate with total ease to create everything you want?

Action #1: Manipulate with energy pulls.  Energy pulls are one of the biggest manipulations you can do in the world.  They manipulate what can show up and create a lot more ease for you.  Energy pulls also require your barriers down, which creates this space where you know what to do and what is required.  So practise pulling energy to you and though you, every day.  It’s not something you need to do; just ask.  And pull from all directions; above, below, in front, behind and left and right.
Action #2:  Manipulate with vulnerability.  No one is perfect.  When someone stumbles and they are just them being them self; there’s a vulnerability that gets created, where the people who are listening to you become more ‘oh, who are they?  I wonder what they’ve got to say?’  Compare this to someone who has everything organised and is being controlling and ‘I have the answer’.  This can never be an invitation for anything else; nothing even greater than that person’s point of view.  
Action #3:  Manipulate with questions.  Every question is designed to take you out of where you’recurrently functioning from, any fixed points of view, and create a totally different outcome. Anything that is trying to take you out of where you currently are and create a different outcome is part of a manipulation.  A great starting place is, ‘what else is possible?’, ‘what do I truly desire?’ and‘what would it take for ……?’
Play with it all.  Push all your barriers down, play with energy flows and play with asking questions in a way to manipulate.  You’re ready to go out there and manipulate with absolute, total ease and without judgment!  But if you want to dive in deeper and obtain clearings on manipulating with ease to create everything you want, you can purchase Joy Of Business Book Club series at

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What else is possible?

How does it get any better than this?

What contribution can you be?

What’s right about this I’m not getting?

Who does it belong to?

What future can you create with the choices you make today?

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