When we think of addiction, most commonly we would probably think of addiction to drugs or alcohol.  But have you ever considered that there could be addiction to debt?

This may sound a little crazy, but many people actually choose it. 

I remember a few years ago, sitting in my office looking out my window and I realising that I had money and that I was no longer in debt.  I sat there and thought “Wow this is it? This is what it feels like? Where’s the marching band and street parade?”  To be honest, having money felt like a bit of a let down.  Two weeks later I found myself back in debt.  Luckily I had a different set of tools and could ask myself what am I doing here?

I realised I was more comfortable in debt than with having money.  It was an energy that was more familiar to me and I hadn’t been willing to move beyond it.

I invited Marilyn Bradford, a therapist, teach and speaker who gives lecture and workshops about addiction worldwide, to talk with me on my radio show about addiction, and in particular addiction to debt.

Marilyn describes addiction as “choosing a behaviour or place you could go to disappear and not exist for a while.”  Basically, addiction is a way to avoid feeling weird, out of place or wrong.  And most people who choose addictions are overwhelmed with feeling like they don’t fit, that they are weird or wrong, and don’t seem to have other choices available to deal with those feelings.

How does this apply to debt addiction?

We learn the verbal language of our parents, and we also learn the energetic language of our family.

So if you grew up surrounded by money worry, debt, money problems, or a sense of scarcity or poverty, then you learn that “language” and can quite unconsciously make choices with your money that maintain that particular energy in your life.  

You may realise too that you are different and you don’t desire to have the same reality with money as your parents did, but wonder what other possibilities are there?

Having a financial reality that is in the black more than it is in the red is possible if you are willing to look at the paradigms around money that are sticking you, and to lose them for a different set of possibilities – ones that include being ok with having money!

This was a fantastic radio show with Marilyn, please listen to the archive HERE.

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