Whether talking face to face, or stepping out in the social media arenas of Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or google hangouts, what if ‘getting social’ could create and expand your business and your life – and be fun?

A lot of what you see on social media is not really much of an invitation.  There is a lot of proving – proving you are having a great life, proving you are happy, proving that you have it all together, you are getting it right, proving that you have made the best choices, or that you have the best business or the greatest product.  When you do social media from proving, it’s not much fun, and people don’t really feel like they know you, as they are seeing a very two dimensional picture that doesn’t seem genuine.

What do people really resonate with on social media? If you stepped out of proving, and into creating, what invitation and inspiration could you be and create out in the world using online mediums? 

I recently had a very special guest on my radio show, talking about ‘getting social’ with social media in a truly different way.

Megan Hill is currently the Marketing and Social Media Director for Access Consciousness

Her sense of fun, inspiration and vulnerability creates a truly engaging presence with social media, and we had a great conversation about how to create and expand your business and life, and interact with people in a truly genuine way using the magic of social media.

One of Megan’s favourite questions to ask of herself is “what questions do I need to ask here so that this person / these people feel supported, encouraged and loved by me?”

If you were to invite people to that energy with the social media you are using, what could be created in your business that hasn’t existed before?

We talked about heaps of other questions and tools for playing with social media, so please click on THIS link to listen to the archive of the show.

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