Guest Blog Post by Emily Evans Russell

Is there something in business that’s difficult for you? Or one certain area you think you must be doing wrong? What if what you think is a wrongness is actually a strongness? What if you have capacities that you haven’t yet acknowledged?

A year ago my business/work history consisted of being a stay-at-home mom, serving/bartending, teaching Biology and yoga, and basically always working really hard for not very much money. I was new to starting my own business, giving Bars sessions and creating classes.  I was pretty excited to have 6 people in a class and a few clients a week. For every class or client that I had scheduled, I was tallying how much money that would create and then before receiving the energy of that – I was already figuring out what bills it would pay. Arghhhh!

I got that this was NOT creating what I wanted in my business, life or living. I made the demand – whatever it takes, I’m changing my limitations around money and business. 

Then I started to ask questions to get out of my own way and to get rid of the old points of view that were definitely not working for me!

Some questions that I added to my day:

1. What capacities do I have that I refuse to use to make massive amounts of money?
2. What other revenue streams are available?
3. What energy, space and consciousness can I be that would allow the universe and quantum entanglements to support me in any way they can with total ease?
4. What do I know, that I’m unwilling to know, that if I knew it would make me more money than I could possibly imagine?

I read Joy of Business, Money Isn’t the Problem You Are, and went through the How to Become Money workbook over and over. Everything started to shift and shifted massively.

I went from not owning a smartphone or having any idea how to use Facebook to my advantage, to having multiple clients around the world for social media. My classes were filling with ease, people were finding me as if by magic and I increased my money flows by 10 fold.

What if you are the only one potent enough to stop you? Are you ready to get out of your own way and create what you know is possible? You know something that no one else does; something unique that can contribute to greater possibilities on the planet. Is now the time?
Emily Evans Russell
And one of the things that I remember as I go through my days is money follows joy! Oh yeah – that whole #joyofbusiness thing. And truly – it works! 

What if creation isn’t always about a tangible product? What if you are creating a totally different future when you are laughing with a friend, dancing with your child, having really great sex, or savoring a good meal? Sometimes creating a future for your business looks a lot different than we think it’s going to. #businessdonedifferent #adventureofliving

By Emily Evans Russell

All of life comes to us with ease and joy and glory®

Right and wrong, good and bad, POD and POC, all 9, shorts, boys and Beyonds®.

What else is possible?

How does it get any better than this?

What contribution can you be?

What’s right about this I’m not getting?

Who does it belong to?

What future can you create with the choices you make today?

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