People often talk to me about having trouble with coordinating all the different parts of their business and life.  They see work as this thing they have to do, they make it a necessity rather than  a choice, they don’t seem to know how to create it as part of their life, which creates the need to have ‘time off’, and then business becomes as much, or more of a detriment to you than it is a contribution.  So what if you didn’t have to fight your way to have a business or have a life, or find the ‘balance’ between the two.  How do you make business a choice, and easy, and unleash yourself to accomplish way more than you ever thought possible? 

One of the amazing people I work with is the young Rebecca Hulse.  I describe her as a ‘go getting millennial’ – the online generation who are all up with the technology, social media, promote and do business easily online and see the world very differently from ‘older’ generations. For Rebecca “it feels like normal!”

She is also a major-talented multi-tasker with at least 10-20 projects going on at one time to keep her happy.

One of her key insights is this:  “I love throwing projects up in the air and asking the universe to contribute to it.  We can forget so easy, and it’s such a big part of it!  You are not the only one that has to work on everything and do it all, and remember it all, and be responsible for it all.  There are lots of other things and elements and people and you are allowed to ask them to contribute to it.”

I recently took advantage of her different and unique perspective in business, and asked her onto my radio show to respond to some questions about business and getting a million things done with ease.

We addressed great questions such as:

When does multi-tasking become a distraction?

“To-do” Lists – are they essential?

Are setting goals or targets important?

Procrastination – is it real? 

Do you prioritize by what feels ‘light’ or ‘heavy’?

How do you keep moving forward when you are waiting for people to get back to you?

… and more!

To listen to this joyful and enlightening conversation with Rebecca, please access the replay here.

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