Fun and business are rarely spoken about in the same sentence, let alone in the same article. Business is serious business. Or is it? Do you really have to work hard in order to play hard? That’s what everyone says right? 

What if the purpose of business was to actually expand your life and just have fun? 

That was never a point of view that I would have even considered, never-mind taken seriously. I used to buy into it as much as everyone else, until I read Simone Milasas’ book, Joy of Business, which totally changed my life…and business! In fact, I loved the fresh perspective and tools so much that I became a Certified Joy of Business Facilitator (JCF) to assist others break free from the myths and lies that this reality perpetuates about business, and empower them with tools to totally change their experience too! 

It doesn’t actually matter if you have a business or a job or neither. If you wake up in the morning and you have blood running through your veins, you are IN business!

So what would you choose differently if you knew that your life was your business? Would you treat it the same way? Would you desire the same things? 

Many people try to separate work and life – work/life balance ring a bell – when in fact, these two are interconnected and cannot be separated. Sure you can have different business entities and/or revenue streams, but the bottom line is that when you are having enough FUN in whatever you do, you won’t want to stop to start your life. 

How much fun can you have when you are being bombarded with everyone else’ projections and expectations about how you should run/do your business? 

I get that there are others that can assist and mentor you. But most people out there are not coming from that space and place. They are there to give you the answers and tell you what they think you should do, when 90% of the time, they know nada about your business and what’s actually true for YOU!

No one else knows what’s true for you more than you! 

No one else knows what else is possible and available to you, more than you!

No one else has the unique contribution that you do, more than you BEING you! No one else can have the monopoly on being you, more than you can, so milk it baby!

But we aren’t really taught what it means to BE ourselves and not buy into everyone else’s points of view. We are bombarded constantly with everyone else’s beliefs and considerations and strategies and tips and advice and sometimes you just have to learn to tune into YOU and start to follow what’s true and light and fun for YOU!

And here’s the key – when you are following what’s true and light for you, that’s when the FUN actually begins. You can’t have much fun in business when you’re not listening and doing what’s true for you. You won’t be inspired from within, you’ll constantly have to be motivated from external sources and none of that is sustainable. 

So when you’re going about your day, here are 5 of the most common myths that could be preventing you from having more fun and joy in business and actually creating and being the greatest contribution they can be. 

Let’s see how many have you bought as real and true…and what if today could be the end of being limited by them and the beginning of you getting empowered to know what YOU know about business and doing it in a way that actually works for you?! How cool would that be? Well my friend, it’s actually just a choice. So here’s to you choosing to bust through these top 5 Business Myths that kill fun! 

Myth #1 – Business is serious

Myth #2 – You have to be in control

Myth #3 – You have to know the answer

Myth #4 – Thinking and using your mind is a valuable product

Myth #5 – Money is the source of creation

Kerry Garner Venter breaks all the rules in marketing when it comes to honing in on target audiences. She has worked with companies and their employees, leaders and their teams, entrepreneurs and their dreams, couples and their relationships, healers and their practice, parents and their kids, empaths and their capacities – as long as they are willing to ask and choose, it’s game on! Find out more about Kerry at

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