Do you wake up in the morning and say: “I’m having a bad day today?”

How are those days usually going for you? Not too well? So, what if you asked for a great day?

Is it time for you to start to demand more of yourself? Be it money, happiness, health or love…

What if you could wake up in the morning without judging yourself?

Listen to Brendon Watt being interviewed on Money For Lunch by Bret Martinez here.


Brendon WattBrendon Watt is a successful International Speaker, facilitator of the Choice Of Possibilities classes worldwide and CFO of Access Consciousness Australia. Growing up he says; “I always knew there was something different, and yet spent all of my time trying to fit in and be the same as everyone else. When I realised, I could change anything – that is exactly what I did!“

Brendon is also a Joy of Business facilitator. Find more about him, here.


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