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T’es-tu déjà demandé comment ce serait de faciliter des classes Joie du Business ? Nos facilitateurs ont un chat whatsapp d’équipe où nous partageons à propos de nos classes et créons plus pour le futur. Heather Nichols a posté ce message récemment concernant la Masterclass Le Business autrement et nous devions le partager !

Salut les gars ! Je suis vraiment sans voix pour vous partager ce que j’ai vécu dans ma class à Zagreb ce week-end… La première soirée, pour l’avant-goût de cette classe, je me suis assise en n’ayant aucune idée de combien de personnes ou qui allaient venir aux 3 jours de la classe… mais il y avait un tel engagement dans mon monde à faire cette classe, à avoir ces conversations, à partager cette classe même si ça n’avait été qu’avec l’équipe qui accueillait l’événement.

There were a bunch of people who had come live for the taster and more online.. and I felt as if there was a wall in front of me.  I never bought it as real even for a second.  I was with it, with them, no barriers, just so committed to the vulnerability and power and potency and kindness that I be and that I know is possible more than ever before.

By the end of that night, the melt had started to occur.  Everybody but one person jumped for the weekend and we were off.

The next 3 days I facilitated from my perspective of just how friggin brilliant these ladies were.  I never bought any of their stories,  I never resisted anything, I stayed in question, and I watched the most delightful and powerful group of ladies just fucking MELT into themselves, each other, being, creation, joy, a totally different reality with business…. And a sense of having their own backs – and each others’ – that was awe inspiring.
They all stepped into the power of their kindness, their caring, their vulnerability, their receiving in ways that were jaw dropping to me and everybody in the room.  And the joy of claiming what they actually fucking DESIRE that they have never dared to ask for – that they are now asking for, showing up for, and creating with so much EJG!!!

The last day of the class we were all a puddle.  Of total gratitude and joy… so much beauty!!  A being you and joy of business class rolled into one…!!  They had asked the mom of one of the translators to make a cake.  This absolutely gorgeous being showed up with a cake that was pure love and magic and with total joy and gratitude served it to us as most of us cried and ate it just totally in awe.
This class changed my friggin’ life!!

I just wanted to share it with you guys as a celebration of what is possible… when we keep asking, never give up, keep choosing, and show up to deliver classes no matter WHAT is going on, who is coming, what’s happening for us.  I’m more excited and more committed than ever (and addicted tooo!!!!) to be doing this more more more more.  We truly can melt people into the joy, beauty, being, creation, possibility that they be… and when they are willing to choose and receive – OMG.  Get the tissues.  Hahaha!  I love this stuff so fucking much!  Here are some photos of the awesomeness!!  More more more please, universe!  More!
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