Guest Blog Post by Max Zoulek

As you may have noticed, the words ‘Joy’ and ‘Business’ are rarely found in the same sentence! Before I came to realise that these 2 words could actually exist in the same sentence, I was doing everything possible to never succeed in business.

Why? Because I wasn’t willing to have my reality with business.

I grew up seeing unhappy people in suits doing business that was not only lacking joy, but also seemed to be done totally out of necessity… usually only for money or power and control over others. As cute and not bright as I am, that’s what I thought business had to be and, therefore, I was forever in resistance to business!

Thank goodness for the tools of Access Consciousness and Joy of Business!

So, I would like to share a simple tool with you right now that you can begin to use immediately to discover your reality with business. Because you will only have your joy in business when you are honest about what your reality with business actually is.

Whenever you notice a thought, feeling or emotion around business, whether it is yours or someone else’s, see it as an interesting point of view. Even if it is a ‘positive’ point of view it will still be a limitation of what is possible.

When you dissolve the solidified points of views around business with this tool, you will begin to see what your reality in this area actually is.

What if using this tool with every thought, feeling and emotion that you perceived around business for the next 3 days could change everything for you?

Would you be willing to receive more than ever before??


Max Zoulek is a Joy of Business Certified Facilitator. To see more about Max and his upcoming classes click here.

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