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Like most people Venus was no stranger to believing something was wrong with her from a very young age. She had bought the lie that she was broken and needed to be fixed…so she began to search for that which would make her feel whole and complete. In the beginning she thought she might find wholeness once she had found her soul mate.

Since that wasn’t panning out the way she hoped Venus switched to pursuing that which would fix her through alternative healthcare, intuitive bodywork and transformational work. For 20 years she studied every modality she could get her hands on including massage, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, Reiki, Shamanism, yoga and many many more. She continued to look for something different because she always believed there was an easier way.

When Venus discovered Access Consciousness she finally realized no one is broken, including herself. And no-one needs to be fixed. Everyone is a gift just the way they are and just the way they are not. This shift affected her whole reality, propelling her to assist others to realize their greatness so that we can all begin to create different possibilities in our lives and on Earth.


Upcoming Classes:

Business Done Different Master Class 1.0 with Venus Castleberg
Salt Lake City, USA Online
Dates: 14-Apr-2020 to 16-Apr-2020

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