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Do you know Odysseus, the Greek hero? This is not a history lesson. It’s a story about a major turning point in my life. Similar to Odysseus, my life felt like an odyssey, without the angry sea god putting me through it.

I had no idea what I wanted to do for a long time. Rather, I had far too many ideas and desires. Accordingly, I have chosen to study German language and literature and history. At the same time, I wrote for several cultural magazines and completed an internship at the PM Magazine. I also attended training courses in marketing, social media and online marketing and at the same time (where did I find all this time?) I became acquainted with shamanism, body therapies and various coaching approaches.

Since I still couldn’t commit myself to something specific, I kept studying and signed up for a PhD. That’s when life got pretty exhausting and my dissertation more and more a burden. But what one starts should also be finished, even if it nearly kills you, right?

The turning point came when I was diagnosed with cancer. All of a sudden my focus shifted to what is truly important in life. I chucked it all and fulfilled a childhood dream: an online magazine with “good news” only. Over the years, a coaching business has developed from this and the wish to be a contribution for others in their own odyssey.

It has become my mission to encourage people to follow their own path, to express their talents, grow their business and change their money situation.
My strengths are to always keep the thread in my eye, to open up new perspectives and possibilities and change tracks wherever it is required. I intuitively perceive the issues which block you to become more and outcreate yourself. What are you choosing?


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