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Ever since I was a kid, I have known that anything and everything is possible, that JOY is our natural space of being, and that we can create whatever we desire in our lives just by choosing it and choosing to be the magic that we truly be. After 18 years of facilitating change in the world, in bodies, and in every area of peoples’ lives, I can truly say that I have not found a body of work to date that is as fast, fun, potent, and super transformational as Access Consciousness!

When I found Access Consciousness, and had my Bars run for the first time (energetic bodywork), I felt as if I had just received a download of bliss into my body and my life. Everything changed. I am a single mom who now has so much fun with my kids; a relationship that truly works and is a huge contribution to my life; a happy body; a delightful business; and just joy and ease in the knowing that I can create, and choose, anything and everything I desire!!

Access Consciousness is easy, fun, light, playful, magical, FAST, and practical. These tools work. If you are ready to choose for you! I have so much gratitude that I get to spend my days sharing these tools with other people; watching others’ take the tools of Access and RUN with them….watching them fall in love with themselves….and watching them create a life and living of joy, abundance, and ease. What an incredible gift!

And the coolest thing about Access Consciousness is that it really is just about you recognizing how truly phenomenal YOU are….and to trust that you know so much more than you think you do. You are the expert of your life! And every time you ask a question you expand awareness and possibility. How amazing is that?!

I love connecting with new people and traveling all over the planet to create big change, planetary change, life-altering change……and JOY. If you are inspired to reach out and say hi; if you are ready to rock your life; if you are ready for the MORE that you have always known you could have…..get in touch! I wonder what we can create?! Subscribe to our email list for a FREE recording of a morning exercise to start creating awesomeness before you even get out of bed! You’ll also get inspiration and FREE tips & tools. Your time is valuable, so we’ll only send you the really juicy stuff! Just click HERE.

Upcoming Classes:

Business Done Different ~ Master Class 2.0 ~ Live-Streamed with Heather Nichols!
Online , USA Live Online
Dates: 10-Apr-2020 to 12-Apr-2020

Business Done Different ~ Master Class 2.0 ~ St Petersburg, Russia Live and Live-Streamed with Heather Nichols!
St Petersburg, Russia Live Online
Dates: 01-May-2020 to 03-May-2020

Business Done Different ~ Master Class 2.0 ~ Prague, Live and Live-Streamed with Heather Nichols!
Prague, Czech Republic Live Online
Dates: 19-Jun-2020 to 21-Jun-2020

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