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Francesca Fiorentini has always been around business her whole life, from antiques, hotels and wealth management to her own successful boutique fashion business in Venice. One of the Joys in Business for Francesca is seeing people no matter how they came into her store or interacted with her, walk away happy.

Working on the Joy of Business team for Francesca is about creating more happiness in the world of business. She would love to show more people that by being them they can create a totally different reality – with the tools of Access Consciousness® it’s easy to create a different financial reality too!

Joy of Business gives the possibility of business done in a totally different way, there is no conclusions and technical accomplishments like having a degree is not important. It’s about empowering you to know what you know in business. Business is not just about being in an office or part of a corporation, or having a career. It’s really more about what you can create.

When Simone (founder of Joy of Business) asked Francesca to translate the Joy of Business book two years ago – for the first year she pushed the invitation aside because she never thought she was great in business! Acknowledging the joy and brilliance Francesca has in business has been a fun and ongoing journey that never stops – what Francesca now knows is that it isn’t about the skills or details – it’s about who you are.

Now Francesca travels all around the world for business and Access Consciousness® exploring different cultures, countries and businesses. You can see her upcoming classes, and world adventures at

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