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Brendon has gone from living in a tiny room with his 4 year old child at his mums house barely being able to meet ends, to creating a very different life much bigger than he thought possible.  He is in a happy relationship, owns a house, gets to travel the world facilitating classes. This year he has been to 15 countries already.

Growing up he said “ I had to be a bloke, watch football and drink beer. After studying Access and the tools of consciousness I realised I didn’t have to do all those things . I was always trying to fit in. Now I can be me.”

Brendon now shares these same tools facilitating classes all over the world and assisting the company that created them. He says “Not only did my life change but my son’s life. Not only did my life change but my son’s life, too. He knows he can be himself, and he has choices I never had.”

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